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Motorola Solutions Team Communications For Private Security

Motorola Solutions Team Communications For Private Security

Companies don’t hire private security firms without a reason. Even though the stated goal may be to secure a building or protect property, underlying that is the expectation that the customer’s personnel and your team go home to their families at the end of the day.

For those situations where seconds can mean the difference between triumph and tragedy, nothing is faster than push-to-talk.

With Motorola Team Communications solutions, two-way radios, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even landline phones can be connected within a single radio talkgroup. Share critical information with the team on whatever device they prefer, on any available network, at any time.

This means communications to any device: Motorola radios. Other manufacturers’ radios. Mobile devices. Laptops. Tablets. And connection to any network: Motorola LMR. Other manufacturers’ LMR. 4G. 3G. Wi-Fi. Motorola Team Communications connects them all, sharing critical voice and data to enable you to make informed decisions in an emergency.

Everyone is kept aware of developing situations, and laptops and tablets enjoy the same immediate speech capability as radios and smartphones. New team members or additional personnel are set up on the system quickly, and are easily added to existing talkgroups. Seamless communications lead to better security outcomes.

Make certain that everyone who needs to know will know with Motorola Team Communications.

Improve Workplace Efficiency With Unified Team Communications For Any Private Security Team Member

  • Property Manager
  • Security Guard
  • IT Manager
  • Dispatch

20-25% Average Improvement In Productivity In Organizations With Connected Employees

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Motorola Solutions Team Communications For Transportation & Logistics

Motorola Solutions Team Communications For Transportation & Logistics

Every extra delivery you make in a working day sharpens your competitive edge. Consignments arrive at exactly the right moment and service becomes a competitive advantage. Smart analytics and closer collaboration – person-to-person, machine-to-machine – allow real-time inventory management and process automation. Operations-critical data applications, such as work order ticket management, track orders, help your managers confirm deliveries and keep tabs on workflows to pinpoint problems before they place delivery at risk. Deadlines can be met consistently and errors can be eliminated, making fleets more reliable.

Team Communications also extends your reach further with WAVE’s broadband PTT applications, allowing you to notify personnel of last-minute, even outside of the MOTOTRBO radio network. With access from any network and on any device – such as a smartphone or tablet – workers can always be connected wherever they have a broadband connection.

By integrating voice and data into a single Team Communications solution, your workers can collaborate more efficiently wherever they are. Key features like over-the-air radio programming and battery management help ensure radios work overtime and don’t sit in the shop. And with privacy options and remote disable, you can confidently provide team communication capabilities that are secure.

Improve Workplace Efficiency With Unified Team Communications For Any Transportation & Logistics Team Member

  • Owner/President
  • Fleet Manager
  • Dispatch
  • Driver

20-25% Average Improvement In Productivity In Organizations With Connected Employees

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Communications Survey

The Communications Survey Results Are In. And Some Of The Trends May Surprise You.

The 2016 Motorola Commercial Survey offers revealing insights into unified communication trends in a variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada. 

More than 1,200 industry professionals recently weighed in on their business and operations-critical communications needs. Seventy-five percent of responses were based on a blind study where participants were unaware that the survey originated from any specific company or industry. Respondents were primarily decision-makers and influencers of wireless networks, devices and applications. They included executives, owners, IT, engineering and operations personnel.

Six priorities clearly surfaced as being top of mind for them. Do these trends mirror what you are seeing?

Download the 2016 Motorola Commercial Survey

Broadband Push-To-Talk

Broadband Push-To-Talk: Considerations For LMR Integration

Businesses, public safety agencies and defense organizations are being challenged to keep personnel connected despite a rapidly changing communications environment. To effectively communicate in today’s mobile world, many teams require the ability to communicate across various geographic boundaries, networks and devices.

WAVE's wireline integration with MOTOTRBO allows you to apply robust encryption and secure key management throughout your entire communications portfolio. Motorola Solutions offers the only push-to-talk solution that allows for secure talkgroups across radio and broadband communications.

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Motorola Promotions

Optimize Production With Seamless Collaboration

Learn How Manufacturers Are Using MOTOTRBO

The backbone of integrated plant communications is the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio platform. This complete, flexible and adaptable solution includes two-way digital radios, accessories, applications, systems and support services. MOTOTRBO interconnects personnel and equipment to help plants streamline production, automate processes, manage risk and respond to customers quickly.

MOTOTRBO seamlessly integrates voice, data, text messaging and GPS to help resolve equipment issues and reduce unplanned downtime faster. Employees communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively, wherever they work. All while protecting their safety and enhancing overall productivity.

Expect Better Productivity And Better Results