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FCC Licensing

Comtronics provides FCC Licensing services including new applications and rewewing licenses.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started the Narrowbanding proceedings, also known as Refarming, almost twenty years ago in an effort to promote more efficient spectrum use in the 150-174 MHz (VHF) and 421-512 MHz (UHF) Part 90 radio frequency bands (which include Business, Industrial, Education, Transportation, Public Safety, and State, Local, and Provincial Government two-way radio system licensees). The FCC has released numerous rulings during this time defining the requirements and mandating specific deadlines which you may need to take action on.

The FCC Narrowbanding Mandate

We are here to help you prepare for a smooth and cost-effective transition. While Motorola radios purchased in the last ten years are likely dual-mode 25/12.5 kHz, older equipment may need to be replaced. Today Motorola offers the broadest choice of two-way radio equipment, with close to 60 models capable of operating in 12.5 kHz efficiency. This document includes information on most of Motorola's 12.5 kHz products.

Have you completed the FCC Narowbanding requirements? If you are not sure, please contact us.

Comtronics is a member of Enterprise Wireless Alliance. EWA can help you to identify what licenses you have, make sure they’re current and are in compliance with the FCC rules. Comtronics and EWA can also protect and manage your valuable licenses, freeing you from bureaucratic and regulatory burden so you can to concentrate on your business at hand.

EWA is the leading national association for business enterprise wireless users, and for the manufacturers, resellers and communication sales and service providers that serve business enterprises. EWA’s advocacy transforms public policy, and its services support business productivity by providing reliable guidance regarding spectrum and wireless technology access decisions.  If wireless communication solutions is your business or responsibility, EWA is your membership organization. At the forefront of spectrum management and advocacy issues, EWA represents and provides vital services necessary for the successful deployment of wireless communications. Members and clients include major business and government users that rely on millions of wireless devices for efficient and secure communications; wireless sales and service companies; wireless network operators and vendors.

FCC Regulatory Rate Changes

Effective June 6, 2014 EWA will implement changes announced recently by the FCC to their fees schedule. Changes to the FCC Schedule of Application Fees were originally announced via GEN Docket No. 86-285; FCC 14-24, and were to become effective upon a date to be announced in the Federal Register. On May 7, it was announced the effective date of the fee changes would be June 6, 2014.