83 WWW.RADIOSHOP.COM 617-770-0212 82 617-770-0212 WWW.RADIOSHOP.COM COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY PROGRAMMING CABLES PORTABLE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER Portable Programming Cable (USB) for XPR 3000 series PMKN4115 Programming Cable Slim Conn to DB25 and TTR PMKN4116 Programming, Test, and Alignment Cable for XPR 3000 series PMKN4117 Portable Programming Cable (USB) for XPR 6000/7000 series PMKN4012B Programming, Test, and Alignment Cable for XPR 6000/7000 series PMKN4013 Portable Telemetry Cable PMKN4040 Portable to RS232 DB25M Connector Cable PMKN4071 IMPRES Mobile MMP Non-PC Adapter PMKN4072 IMPRES Mobile MAP Non-PC Adapter PMKN4070 Test Alignment, TTR and Programming Cable PMKN4126 Portable Programming Cable (micro USB) for SL series 25-124330-01R Programming Cable, Micro USB, with Tuning Connector 30012055001 SL 7000 SL 7000 e SERIES XPR 6000 SERIES XPR 6000 SERIES XPR 3000 XPR 3000e SERIES XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES MOTOTRBO MOBILE RADIOS UNRIVALED VOICE AND DATA ON THE GO XPR 5000 / XPR 5000 e SERIES The XPR 5000/XPR 5000e series shares the same connector as the XPR 4000 series accessories enabling easy migration. This portfolio is enhanced with integrated Bluetooth ® , giving more flexibility than ever before. Now your drivers can check on packages or walk around the loading dock and stay connected within 30 feet of their radio. A new IMPRES keypad microphone features a four-way navigation button that makes accessing critical features on the large color display, dialing phone numbers and sending text messages easy. INTEGRATED VOICE AND DATA ON THE GO XPR 4000 SERIES Handling dispatch for a delivery company or hauling freight across the country, accessories must meet challenging installation and operational requirements. XPR 4000 series mobile accessories are specifically designed for hassle-free communication in a vehicle, for dispatch-enabled communication, and for easy installation. XPR 2500 SERIES The XPR 2500 features a durable telco accessory connector that enables microphones, external speakers and vehicular solutions. Many of the XPR 2500 microphones feature Intelligent Audio. Intelligent Audio listens to sounds in the background and automatically raises or lowers your radio volume so you can always hear clearly. If you’re driving an empty bus that quickly fills with chattering children – you will still be able to hear important communication without taking your hands off the wheel to adjust the radio volume. XPR 4000 SERIES XPR 5000 SERIES XPR 5000e SERIES XPR 2500 SERIES PROFESSIONAL MOBILE RADIO ACCESSORIES