37 WWW.RADIOSHOP.COM 617-770-0212 36 617-770-0212 WWW.RADIOSHOP.COM PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES IMPRES AUDIO (MOTOROLA EXCLUSIVE): Ensure your voice is heard clearer, crisper, and louder regardless of level or direction you’re speaking into the accessory. INTELLIGENT AUDIO (MOTOROLA EXCLUSIVE): Set your volume once. Depend on your accessory to listen for changes in background noise, adjusting the volume automatically so you hear every call. ORANGE BUTTON: This essential programmable button on top of the microphone is easily activated if you are in trouble. This button can also be set for any programmable feature on the radio, such as emergency. PROGRAMMABLE BUTTON: This programmable button allows you to access key features while you keep your radio on your belt or hidden under a jacket. VOLUME CONTROL: Conveniently access the volume control. Toggle switch allows you to easily adjust between high and low volume as needed. IP RATING: The international standard for rating dust and water protection. The first digit represents the level of dust protection. IP5x provides excellent protection from dust and IP6x provides even higher protection from dust. The second digit represents water protection. IPx4 provides protection from water sprayed from all directions, IPx5 protects against driving rain, and IPx7 resists submersion in 1 meter of fresh water for 30 minutes. INTRINSIC SAFETY RATING: Motorola-approved accessories are a critical part of the overall radio system certified by a recognized testing organization as intrinsically safe. Non-Motorola approved accessories may not be certified for MOTOTRBO and if used, could result in equipment that is NOT approved or unsafe in a hazardous environment. **NOTE: TIA = TIA4950 Intrinsic Safety Rating; FM = FM 1988 Intrinsic Safety rating Accessories with these ratings are approved for FM or TIA when connected to Intrinsically safe FM or TIA radio/battery system. XPR 6000 SERIES XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE INDUSTRIAL NOISE-CANCELING (INC) REMOTE SPEAKER MICROPHONE? SUPPRESSES HIGH NOISE SO YOU HEAR CLEARLY – The dual-microphone design suppresses background noise so your message gets through. The large 1-watt speaker delivers the loudest, clearest audio available – up to 25% more than other MOTOTRBO RSMs. WEAR IT WHILE YOU WORK AND COMMUNICATE FREELY – Best practices is always to speak directly into your RSM. This is especially important in high noise environments. In moderate noise environments the INC RSM allows you to clip the RSM to your shoulder or lapel and talk freely with a touch of the prominent push-to-talk button. EASY TO CLEAN DIRT, GRIT AND DEBRIS Debris and fine particles can clog remote speaker microphones and reduce the quality of your voice transmissions. With the INC RSM, simply vacuum out the speaker grill (when dry), then brush out the debris using soapy water, rinse and you are ready to go. > Experience Dual-Microphone Noise Suppression COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES VERTICAL MARKETS: Recommendations based on typical use case for each of verticals listed REMOTE SPEAKER MICROPHONES Our robust portfolio of Remote Speaker Microphones and secondary audio accessories are engineered to give you clearer communications even in loud environments. All remote speaker microphones are built with top quality materials including durable Kevlar ® cables that survive tough working conditions. PORTABLE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER IMPRES INTELLIGENT AUDIO WINDPORTING, NOISE-CANCELING OR DUAL MIC. NOISE SUPPRESSION VOLUME CONTROL (HIGH/LOW) PROGRAMMABLE BUTTON AUDIO JACK (3.5 MM) IP RATING INTRINSIC SAFETY RATING** DIMENSIONS (MM) H X L X D TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS MANUFACTURING AND CONSTRUCTION UTILITIES OR PUBLIC SERVICE OIL AND GAS PRIVATE SECURITY HOSPITALITY AND RETAIL EDUCATION (CAMPUSES) Operations Critical Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone with Battery and Belt clip and Dual Unit Charger RLN6562 Windporting IP54 Large 88 x 63 x 26 (without clip) • • • • • • Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, small (IP54) PMMN4024 • Windporting IP54 FM TIA Small 55 x 60 x 27 (without clip) • • • • • • IMPRES Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, small (IP54) PMMN4025 • • Windporting IP54 FM TIA Small 55 x 60 x 27 (without clip) • • • • • • Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone, small, submersible (IP57) PMMN4040 • Windporting IP57 FM TIA Small 55 x 60 x 27 (without clip) • • • • IMPRES Windporting Remote Speaker Microphone large, submersible (IP57) PMMN4046 • Windporting IP57 FM TIA Large 60 x 78 x 28 (without clip) • • • • IMPRES Noise-Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone, large (IP54) PMMN4050 • Noise-Canceling IP54 FM TIA Large 60 x 78 x 28 (without clip) • • • • IMPRES Industrial Noise-Canceling (INC) Dual Mic. Noise Suppression Remote Speaker Microphone, submersible (IP57) NNTN8382 • Dual Mic. Noise Suppression IP57 TIA Large 60 x 78 x 28 (without clip) • • • • • • IMPRES Industrial Noise-Canceling (INC) Dual Mic. Noise Suppression Remote Speaker Microphone (IP54) NNTN8383 • Dual Mic. Noise Suppression IP54 TIA Large 60 x 78 x 28 (without clip) • • • • • • WHICH MICROPHONE IS RIGHT FOR ME? WINDPORTING – for outdoor, demanding weather, high winds, rain (keep on the shoulder or in front of your mouth). > Hear the Difference Windporting Makes INDUSTRIAL NOISE-CANCELING (DUAL MICROPHONE NOISE SUPPRESSION) – loud, industrial, outdoor, rain, dusty/dirty environments. To optimize its noise suppression capabilities, hold the RSM 1" directly in front of your mouth or turn your head toward the RSM on your shoulder and speak into the closest microphone on the RSM; also washable. NOISE-CANCELING – noisy, indoor environments. To optimize its noise reduction capabilities, hold the microphone in the correct use position directly in front of your mouth, facing the source of the noise (as shown in photo).