119 WWW.RADIOSHOP.COM 617-770-0212 118 617-770-0212 WWW.RADIOSHOP.COM COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES BATTERIES CP 200 d AND SL 300 SERIES PORTABLE RADIOS BATTERIES DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER CHEMISTRY CAPACITY APPROXIMATE OPERATIONAL TIME (HOURS) VARIES BY MODEL NUMBER 5/5/90 DUTY CYCLE DIMENSIONS (H X W X L) MM WEIGHT (GRAMS) IP RATING NiMH 1400 mAh battery NNTN4851 NiMH 1400 mAh (min) Analog: 9 Digital: 11.5 60 x 120 x 21 210 (max) IP54 Slim Li-Ion 1600 mAh battery NNTN4970 Li-Ion 1600 mAh (min) Analog: 10.5 Digital: 13.5 60 x 120 x 18 147 (max) IP54 High Capacity Li-Ion 2250 mAh battery NNTN4497 Li-Ion 2250 mAh (min) Analog: 14.5 Digital: 18.5 60 x 120 x 24 140 (max) IP54 High Capacity Li-Ion 2800 mAh battery* PMNN4450 Li-Ion 2800 mAh (min) Analog: 18 Digital: 23.5 60 x 120 x 24 140 (max) IP54 Mag One NiMH 1300 mAh battery PMNN4072 NiMH 1300 mAh (min) Analog: 8 Digital: 10.5 60 x 120 x 21 210 (max) Mag One Li-Ion 2050 mAh battery* PMNN4458 Li-Ion 2050 mAh (min) Analog: 13.5 Digital: 17 60 x 120 x 24 140 (max) BT100x Li-Ion 2200 mAh battery PMNN4468 Li-Ion 2300 mAh (typ) Analog: 11.8-12.5 Digital: 14-15 12 x 36 x 54 50 (max) Replacement Battery Cover PMLN7074 CP200d MOTOROLA ORIGINAL BATTERIES AND CHARGERS As an added plus, you can re-use all of your batteries and chargers from your CP150/ CP200/CP200 • XLS/PR400 radios. Since MOTOTRBO batteries are Proven Tough, they stay true and stand tougher than others. In lab test after lab test, our batteries withstand shocks, knocks, drops and shakes and outperform the other brands. SL300 SERIES COMMERCIAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES IP RATING: The international standard for rating dust and water protection. The first digit represents the level of dust protection: 5 provides excellent protection from dust. The second digit represents water protection. IP54 provides protection from water sprayed from all directions, IP55 protects against driving rain, and IP57 resists submersion in 1 meter of fresh water for 30 minutes. BATTERY WARRANTY: Take advantage of the longest warranty in the industry. Our warranty protects against any defects in workmanship for four years – twice as long as most leading competitive batteries. 98% KNOCKS. DROPS. SHOCKS. VIBRATION. STATIC. If your radio gets banged on a ride, rattled by heavy equipment or shocked by static electricity, our batteries will stay true and stand tough. These rigorous lab tests prove that Motorola radio batteries perform robustly and reliably, despite the toughest conditions. What’s more, we stand behind every battery we build. See www.motorolasolutions.com/proventough for details. PROVEN TOUGH BATTERY TESTING PASS RATE MOTOROLA POWER PRODUCTS MULTIPLIER 47% 53% 52% HONEYWELL (Manufactured by GTS) 98% COMMERCIAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES